The BERNARD Gruppe designs, develops and supplies individual specialized solutions. We combine the expertise of our companies ACTES Bernard, HaasEngineering, BernardTechnologies und RED Bernard and provide individual specialized solutions for industry, trade and public clients.

In the field of Plant Construction, the service portfolio includes the generation, transport and storage of energy – from feasibility studies to commissioning. These include the design of plants, pipelines, trailer and filling stations, for applications in the chemical industry, Power-to-X, piping and well sites for drilling rigs in oil and gas fields and connecting pipeline networks. We have been active in the field of hydrogen technology since 2010 and can therefore draw on many years of experience. Sustainable use of limited resources is one of major challenges we face in our projects as engineers you can trust.

In the field of Development, our experts work in the areas of measurement, control and regulation technology, monitoring, electronics, electrical engineering, optics, optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, mechanics and physics. We work with artificial intelligence – in particular with deep learning algorithms – and can thus realize progressive projects in the environment of Smart City, Internet of Things and other Big Data applications. Our products include monitoring systems for optical and acoustic detection as well as vibration and air quality measurements. After recording and analyzing the collected data, forecasts and action plans can be created.

In the field of Production, research-ready technologies are, subsequently to their development, further developed to market maturity. The Mobility Analyser, is an intelligent optical system for the detection and classification of road users, which is used for traffic surveys and parking space management as well as for the analysis of movement patterns. The Sound Analyser is an intelligent sound measurement system for acoustic recording and evaluation, e.g. of infrastructure components, and for source noise recording. By means of the Air Analyser, air quality can be determined and evaluated. Ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter as well as temperature, air pressure and humidity are recorded. A multi-stage, locally adapted calibration process ensures high measurement and data quality. The analysis of the collected data serves as a basis for forecasts and action plans.

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In the Industry Business Unit, the BERNARD Gruppe offers consulting, design and realization services for projects in the following three fields: