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Smart Solutions to improve the traffic situation in Wangen i.A.

The sustainable improvement of the existing traffic condition in heavily congested urban road system can be achieved by proper traffic-regulating measures. In Wangen, the goal is the application and implementation of intelligent solutions for all traffic users in order to improve the quality of urban life.   Based on persistent problems regarding the traffic management, BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned [...]


Use of artificial intelligence to improve air quality

Artificial intelligence is used to analyze relationships between air pollutants and traffic. Air quality sensors and traffic counting cameras are used to detect pollutant levels and traffic figures, which are then evaluated in accordance with data protection regulations. This allows correlations between nitrogen dioxide values and the weather as well as the traffic situation to be determined. Based on the [...]


ASFINAG small hydroelectric power station for the energy supply of the Flirsch tunnel

The fire-fighting water system of the Flirsch and Strengen tunnels on the S16 Arlberg expressway between Landeck and St. Jakob is supplied with service water from the Gondebach creek above the village of Flirsch. Due to the age and condition of the fire-fighting water system, it is necessary to renovate parts of the system and renew the pressure pipeline. [...]


Historic old town of Innsbruck – new construction of infrastructure facilities

As a result of Covid 19, the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft, TIGAS Erdgas-Tirol GmbH and the City of Innsbruck are implementing a concentrated renovation schedule of the infrastructure facilities. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft, TIGAS Erdgas-Tirol GmbH and the City of Innsbruck have decided to carry out the necessary reallocations or the new construction of [...]


Dynamics and metrological engineering support of the industrial company Blum

The industrial company Julius Blum GmbH, located in Vorarlberg, Austria, is specialized in the production and distribution of furniture fittings. In 2012, building damage in the form of cracks was detected in the production hall 5 (Plant 5), in which the metal is processed by using punching presses. A geodetic survey showed that in some areas settlements had occurred [...]


Tauernmoos pumped storage power plant – environmentally friendly energy from hydropower

The ÖBB Tauernmoos power plant ensures the in-house production of environmentally friendly energy from hydropower to cover the power peaks in the traction supply system. In order to meet the increasing requirements of traction power supply, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG intends to increase the capacity of the Tauernmoos pumped storage power plant in Salzburg's Stubach Valley by an additional 170 megawatts. [...]


Reconstruction of the tram and bus stop at Heidelberg Central Railway Station

The planned changes in the traffic guidance of public transport and motorized individual transport were implemented at Heidelberg Central Station. In connection with the traffic lights as well as the signage and markings, the design of the traffic guidance during the construction period and after completion of reconstruction was prepared. The tram and bus stop of Heidelberg Central Station [...]


Six-lane extension and “reunification” of the English Garden, Munich/Germany

The English Garden is divided into a north and a south part by the 4-lane Isarring, a section of the Middle Ring road around Munich. The lowering of the Isarring will reunite the two halves of the park. The English Garden, centrally located in the Bavarian state capital of Munich, is an important listed landscape park, is part of [...]


Vibration measurements during the construction of the Wieselburg bypass

RED Bernard is currently carrying out vibration measurements during the construction of the Wieselburg bypass in Lower Austria. In the course of the more than 5 years long construction period, different tasks have to be mastered from a vibration point of view. Even before construction began, the condition of the neighboring buildings was surveyed by means of crack mapping [...]

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