Mobility and transport development concept for the city of Plochingen

The city of Plochingen, with a population of over 14,000, has set itself the goal of reducing the impact of high traffic volumes on the quality of life. As part of the planning process, the BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the city of Plochingen to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the current traffic situation and to develop and [...]


Traffic consulting services for the municipality of Kötz

The Waldsiedlung village in Kleinkötz, which is part of the municipality of Kötz in the district of Günzburg, is greatly affected by the traffic on the through road B16. A bypass is currently being planned, which will bypass not only Kötz but also Ichenhausen in the east. The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the municipality of Kötz to carry [...]


The BERNARD Gruppe has presented its expert opinion on bicycle parking in the city center of Munich

In terms of the traffic turnaround towards sustainable mobility, bicycle traffic plays a decisive role. As a climate-friendly, city-compatible means of transport, the bicycle offers great opportunities for the City of Munich. The use of bicycles depends not only on a safe and attractive cycling infrastructure in the network, but also on the parking situation at the source and [...]


Digitalization in St. Johann in Tyrol – digital traffic light used to measure visitor occupancy at the weekly market

The so-called BERNARD Mobility Analyser, a self-developed intelligent sensor technology, measures the occupancy rate at the weekly market in St. Johann in Tyrol in order to regulate the flow of visitors. In this pilot project, the cameras for the test operation of the load measurement were installed on a mast in the town center. Considering the COVID-19 distance rule (2 [...]


Overall monitoring Matzleinsdorfer Platz U2/18

The construction section U2/18 - "Matzleinsdorfer Platz" is part of the U2xU5 intersection, Vienna's largest infrastructure project. RED Bernard GmbH is keeping an eye on the existing infrastructure during the reconstruction of the Matzleindorfer Platz station and can - by using permanent structural health monitoring - immediately draw attention to minimal changes in the position of critical existing structures. [...]


Construction of New Bludenz Ice Channel

The Bludenz bobsleigh and luge track was put into operation on February 19, 2021. The BERNARD Gruppe provided the preliminary, tender und execution design for this technically demanding construction project. The first test runs by Austria's national luge team have already taken place, and they went well. Eiskanal Bludenz GmbH built a new modern sports facility on the site [...]


Intelligent parking guidance system in Aalen

The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned by the city of Aalen for the project “Intelligent Parking Management System” as part of the InKoMo funding program by the state of Baden-Württemberg. In the first phase of the project, intelligent sensors will be installed in the urban road network, and in the second phase, the parking guidance system will be connected directly [...]


Sillpark – redevelopment of shopping centre underground car park

The shopping centre SILLPARK Innsbruck, a company of SES Spar European Shopping Centers, has renovated its 3-storey underground car park, which is approx. 28 years old, in the last two years. The underground car park was brought up to the latest state of the art by means of a colour concept, bright illumination and an OS10 coating. After implementation [...]

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