Climate-friendly mobility in Oldenburg

The BERNARD Gruppe is supporting the city of Oldenburg on its way to achieving its climate goals and making the city center more attractive with a feasibility study. The installation of a public transport lane on the inner-city ring road “Wallring” would promote public transport and provide an incentive to take the bus instead of travelling by car. The [...]


Environmental construction monitoring in Wels

The BERNARD Gruppe was selected by ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG to carry out environmental construction supervision of the four-track expansion of sections of the Austrian Westbahn railway line. In the section between Linz and Wels in Upper Austria, BERNARD is responsible for the overall coordination of environmental construction supervision, as well as for the environmental construction supervision of the [...]


BIM planning for passing tracks on the railway section Landshut – Plattling

The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by DB Netz AG for design services within the scope of the upgrade of the railway section between Landshut and Plattling. The design of the railway section is being carried out by civil engineers of BERNARD Gruppe.  The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with the conceptual and preliminary design services for the upgrade of the [...]


Mobile variable message signs in the Tegernsee valley

The BERNARD Gruppe is providing consultancy services to Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH for the planning of two mobile variable message signs, which will be purchased as part of the LEADER funding project dealing with traffic control during major events in the Bavarian Tegernsee valley. The mobile variable message signs are a first step towards implementing a valley-wide traffic control [...]


Rehabilitation of the A12 Inntal motorway section Wörgl Ost – Wörgl West

The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the local site supervision of the repair work on the A12 Inntal motorway in the area between the exits Wörgl Ost and Wörgl West (km 16.50 - 18.75). In the course of the rehabilitation measures, the roadway structure is being renewed in the period from April to September 2022. The rehabilitation is [...]


Staff outing 2022 at BERNARD Gruppe

This year, our company outing took us to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Employees from the 12 German-speaking subsidiaries met for a culinary and cultural exchange. During a scavenger hunt through downtown Munich, teams solved puzzles and tasks while learning about the history of the state capital. An experience that promotes team spirit and welds together. Other fringe events [...]


Traffic-related feasibility study for redesign measures near the Porta Nigra UNSECO World Heritage Site in Trier

The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the feasibility study of transport infrastructure measures for the urban redevelopment in the area near the Porta Nigra UNSECO World Heritage Site. With extensive redesign measures, the city administration of Trier aims to create added value in terms of urban development and tourism. The redesign comprises the entire area of the square [...]


Redesign of Leipziger Dreieck in Potsdam

Large-scale reconstruction of the Leipziger Dreieck in Potsdam in several construction phases: New tramway turning loop at Potsdam's main railway station eases traffic flow and shortens walking distances for transfer traffic. The first of three construction phases at Leipziger Dreieck was completed at the beginning of April 2022. As a result, the tramways can use the new shortened turning [...]


Extension of Nordkette mountain springs to increase drinking water supply for Innsbruck

The BERNARD Gruppe in consortium with ILF has been commissioned with the design of the upgrade of the Mühlau springs. The Mühlau springs, which are located at 1,140 meters above sea level in the Nordkette mountain range have been supplying approximately 90 percent of the drinking water needs of the city of Innsbruck since 1953. In order to meet [...]

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