The BERNARD Gruppe has many years of experience in infrastructure solutions such as bridges, tunnels, and other civil engineering structures, design to improve transport links and to develop industrial and residential areas. Our goal is to solve challenges of complex and interdisciplinary design tasks and realization processes in compliance with legal, economic and ecological requirements. A modern infrastructure is important for the positive economic development of a city, a region or a whole country.
People benefit from this, which is reflected in their satisfaction and which is our task as engineers you can trust.

In the field of Environment & Spatial Planning, our experts develop complex planning services that incorporate environmental planning and technical design likewise. With interdisciplinary integral solutions, we accompany you from basic survey to permit application, through detailed design to the realization. We provide environmental impact statements, expert opinions, coordination with authorities as well as stakeholder management and communication consulting to increase social acceptance of the project.

In the field of Structural Analysis & Design, we pay attention to economic efficiency in construction and operation as well as sustainability through optimized design and material selection. Our engineers you can trust design cross-generational solutions in the design, repair and maintenance of bridges, buildings, and industrial and plant structures. Numerous interfaces ensure an ongoing optimization process in the development and detailing of load-bearing structures for residential complexes, event centers, office buildings, manufacturing and factory halls, sports facilities, hospitals, train stations or airports. In line with the increased demand, our experts more often consider natural hazards such asavalanches, rockfall or mudflows when assessing, maintaining and repairing structures.

Our experts of the field of Geotechnical & Tunnel Engineering are involved in projects for water supply and disposal, oil and gas supply, hydropower plants, as well as road and railway construction. When constructing and operating these infrastructure projects, underground structures such as tunnels, galleries and shafts have considerable advantages over above-ground measures, such as the reduction of visual impact and emissions (vibrations, noise, air), as well as and more efficient land use. In addition to technical design, environmental aspects, integration into the road network, and engineering geology and geotechnics are also taken into account.

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  • Structural Analysis & Design

  • Environment & Spatial Planning

  • Geotechnical & Tunnel Engineering

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In the Infrastructure Business Unit, the BERNARD Gruppe offers consulting, design and realization services for projects in the following three fields: