Engineering office for measurement technology and development

RED Bernard provides engineering services in the fields of monitoring, measurement technology, mechanical engineering and immission control. In addition, we work in research and development. Our scientific basis is performing self-financed research projects and propagating research results by publication and teaching. Another profitable cornerstone is custom research for industrial firms.
By working in interdisciplinary teams within the BERNARD Gruppe we can provide high-quality services. The services we offer range from conception, realization and implementation to operation – with the aim of providing our clients with optimized solutions.


Structural health monitoring

For transport infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and retaining walls, two clear trends can be identified. On the one hand, these structures are getting older, and, at the same time, the load is constantly increasing. To guarantee the safety of the structures, decisions on maintenance measures must be taken. The decision basis is provided by measurement results from monitoring systems, which are individually planned, configured, implemented, and operated by us. The analysis of the measurement results and further consulting are part of our core competencies. At the client’s request, we prepare measurement software for the evaluation and interpretation of measurement data, and transmit it via SMS, email or a website.

Measurement technology and damping

We provide competent solutions to mitigate vibration and resonance effects in construction and mechanical engineering. Vibrations at buildings, machines, and bridges which are caused by human beings, wind, waves, machine operation, traffic, earthquakes, and other impacts are measured and numerically investigated using 3D computer models. Besides conventional mass-spring damper absorbers, innovative liquid column dampers in passive and adaptive versions are used. We hold registered patents in this field. By using appropriate vibration-damping measures, the maximum vibration amplitudes resulting from resonance can be reduced by up to 90%.

Mechanical engineering

We deliver client-specific engineering services as part of a project or as an entire project. Our services range from the planning and development to the construction of technical functional units and machines. We provide support from strength calculations up to the documentation of certificates of conformity. For existing machines and systems, we help our clients optimize the design and improve the functionality. On the basis of load measurements, dynamic FEM calculations and lifetime prognoses, improvement or remediation concepts are developed. In addition, we support other companies facing short-term bottlenecks in 3D and 2D design.

Immission Control

In the field of immission control, we supply client-specific solutions for noise protection and air pollution control. We focus on providing calculations and expert opinions on emissions and immissions related to traffic, commerce, recreation and sports. Our range of services includes feasibility studies, design services, final and permit application design up to the building application and operation. We also carry out permanent noise measurements as part of construction monitoring, local site supervision or monitoring and documentation.

Reference projects include expert opinions in the field of mobility, noise action plans and in-situ measurements on noise barriers as well as special services for construction site operations, beer gardens, parking lots, amusement rides and open-air concerts.


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