The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by Kraftwerk Haim KG in Wattens to adapt the weir system of powerplant 1 on the Weerbach, which dates back to 1925.

The water intake of power plant 1 will be adapted to increase the amount of water drawn in. The BERNARD Gruppe prepared the permit application documents regarding water and nature conservation laws. The adaptation is about to be approved. Kraftwerk Haim KG has commissioned the BERNARD Gruppe with the preparation of tender and execution design as well as with site supervision.

In order to renew the expired water law permits for powerplant 1, as-built drawings had already been prepared in recent years. The local water authority also approved an increase in the powerplant’s design flow. In addition, parts of the almost 100-year-old plant were renewed, and concurrently the powerhouse was expanded for the installation of a third turbine.

Besides taking into account water ecology according to local water quality guidelines (QVZ Ökologie Oberflächengewässer), landscape aspects were considered as well. The BERNARD Gruppe was responsible for all design phases, including permit application design, execution design, site supervision and the preparation of final acceptance documents.

Johann Aichinger, BERNARD Gruppe