The BERNARD Gruppe has developed a traffic optimization system for St. Johann in Tirol as part of the digitalization flagship project together with Swarco Gruppe and Kufgem GmbhH. The BERNARD Mobility Analyser is used to record the traffic and parking situation in the municipality.

The collected data forms the basis for the dynamic traffic optimization system in St. Johann. In this project, several problem and conflict areas have already been analyzed in depth and mitigated with appropriate measures.

The data is also used to display up-to-date occupancy information on the roadside LED signage. In this way, traffic is guided in a more targeted manner and traffic searching for parking spaces is reduced.

The municipality of St. Johann is planning to continue the development of this system over the coming years to be able to respond to changing mobility planning requirements in the best possible way.

Sebastian Zettinig, BERNARD Gruppe