The BERNARD Geobased Citizen Questionnaire (BGCQ), a web-based application for stakeholder management and participation, makes public participation even more effective. In addition to interactive maps for collecting information, query and survey scenarios such as alternative routes in transport planning are now supported as well.

Public projects in which all those involved (stakeholders) are specifically included can be realized in a more timely and cost-efficient manner. Resistance will be minimized if interrelationships are explained transparently and if background information is accepted.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise, the BERNARD Gruppe has a deep understanding of the interrelationships in complex projects. The proven track record in terms of both technical skills and interpersonal relationships between the actors enables the Gruppe to provide optimum support for coordination processes.

Using methodical stakeholder management, the BERNARD Gruppe organizes information events and moderates mayors’ meetings to mediate between the constraints of the project sponsors and the interests of those affected.

For example, the BERNARD Geobased Citizen Questionnaire (BGCQ) was used for the online survey of mobility behavior in the cities of Weinstadt, Kaufbeuren and Murrhardt. Information on deficiencies in the transport network was also collected. The BGCQ was also actively applied in determining the alignment of the bicycle highway between Fellbach and Schorndorf.

Julia Bresagk and Hans-Christian Lippmann, BERNARD Gruppe