The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the city of Leinfelden-Echterdingen with the design of a parking guidance system to relieve the city center of the increasing traffic load caused by drivers looking for parking spaces. The aim is to help road users drive directly to a free parking space by using appropriate parking information displays.

The concept presented by the BERNARD Gruppe supplements the static directional signage with modern full-surface matrix LED displays that provide information about the available parking spaces in the city center. Ultrasonic sensors will be installed in the parking garages for parking data collection, as well as for indicating available parking spaces within a parking garage via colored LEDs. Intelligent camera sensors will be used to count the difference in parking spaces. The difference count will determine the entries and exits on a virtual line. The image material will be processed directly in the sensor in compliance with the GDPR without storing or transmitting the videos.

The centerpiece will be the parking control center, which, as cloud-based software-as-a-service, does not require any hardware on site. The autonomous system will control the defined processes independently without user intervention, and it can be flexibly expanded. A strategy manager can be used to store certain display scenarios in the system in advance so that the display content can be adjusted as required, for example during events. The parking control center will be used to monitor and control the system components, as well as to collect, archive and process the data.

Julian Pohl, BERNARD Gruppe