On behalf of the municipality of Spaichingen, the BERNARD Gruppe developed a bicycle traffic concept that increases both the safety and attractiveness of bicycle use. The concept presented was unanimously approved by the municipal council.

The citizens of Spaichingen are interested in a more intensive use of bicycles, but at the same time are concerned and cautious when it comes to the safety and comfort of the available routes. Hence, the aim of the planned bicycle traffic concept was to create a closed bicycle network without any gaps. To increase the network’s safety and attractiveness, particular attention was paid to a clearly recognizable route and direct connections between main destinations.

The BERNARD Gruppe’s concept is based on a survey of the current situation on site and the comprehensive involvement of citizens, especially schoolchildren, who are one of the main user groups to be considered. The result is an action plan comprising around 70 proposals for measures to improve the bicycle traffic infrastructure.

After the presentation, the bicycle traffic concept was unanimously approved by the municipal council.

Lisa-Maria Schor, BERNARD Gruppe