The BERNARD Gruppe, as part of a joint venture, is responsible for the construction site management of a total of around 370 km of the 540 km long SuedOstLink HVDC connection on behalf of the two transmission system operators, Tennet TSO GmbH (Tennet) and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH (50Hertz).

As a crucial infrastructure project in the current time, SuedOstLink makes a significant contribution to the German Energy Concept 2050. By constructing a new, mainly buried power transmission line of around 540 km, a central north-south energy supply system is being created.

For 50Hertz, the BERNARD Gruppe is playing a key role in the handling of construction site management and associated design services in the tender and execution phases for project sections in Saxony-Anhalt. The services are being provided in cooperation with the partners CDM Smith and INP.

For the project executing agency TenneT, the BERNARD Gruppe is responsible, as part of the consortium with CDM Smith, INP and ZETCON, for all construction management tasks for the entire project section in Bavaria.

Stephan Reider, BERNARD Gruppe

Photo: © INP Germany GmbH (f.l Ralf Passlick (ZETCON), Andreas Roth (CDM Smith), Georg Jester (INP), Bernhard Lanbach (BERNARD Gruppe))