By working together in interdisciplinary teams, the BERNARD Gruppe is developing lighting concepts for the construction sites along the SuedLink line on behalf of TransnetBW.

The SuedLink project is part of the energy transformation process in Germany. Construction site areas are required along the power transmission line.The BERNARD Gruppe will contribute its expertise in the design and calculation of lighting systems as well as in the assessment of environmental impacts caused by infrastructure projects. The lighting, which s required to safely perform site activities, has an impact on insects and bats. This impact must be minimized.

In the construction sites areas, attention must also be paid to compliance with the German workplace ordinance (technical rules for workplaces) and other standards, while at the same time light emissions outside the construction site must be kept as low as possible. In addition to energy efficiency, the choice of the color of the light is also crucial: warm, reddish light attracts insects less than cold, bluish light. By sharply limiting the lighting on the site, the impact on the environment is kept low. Recommendations for the operational handling and equipment of the construction site are also being developed.

Markus Noë, BERNARD Gruppe