The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the Trier municipal services (SWT) to create a concept for additional public e-mobility services. The goal is to develop a sustainable, modern, and networked supply of e-mobility in Trier and the surrounding region beyond the existing mobility services.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long term, SWT wants to actively combine mobility and green energy. The aim of the concept is to win the local population and businesses over to electric environmentally friendly mobility options. Sharing offers in particular could play a role here. The optimal linking of different forms of mobility is also being investigated.

The energy demand resulting from the electrification of the transport sector is planned to be covered by the expansion and use of renewable energies. In this way, climate and local environment are protected and energy dependencies are reduced.

SWT has identified five modules that will be investigated as part of the concept: the expansion of e-car sharing, the introduction of e-bike sharing, the establishment of intermodal mobility stations, the linking of services into a digital offering and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), the expansion of public charging infrastructure as part of parking management, and the integration of renewable energies in the form of decentralized photovoltaic and wind power plants.

The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned to develop an electromobility concept that integrates these topics and takes a holistic view of the promotion of electromobility. The concept consists of the analysis of the current situation, the creation of a catalog of measures, the development of actionable recommendations and the final impact assessment.

Jörg Sonnleitner, BERNARD Gruppe

Foto: ©Pixabay