Since 2018, the BERNARD Gruppe has been providing detailed design services for the local construction company Navayuga in India. The design work that the BERNARD Gruppe is carrying out for the Silkyara-Barkot tunnel project in Uttarakhand includes tunnel construction, electromechanical equipment and associated infrastructure.

In addition to the design services, the BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with consultancy services regarding construction-related issues until completion of the project. The BERNARD Gruppe will provide support in dealing with the daily challenges of tunnel construction in this remote area.

Since the start of tunnel driving, the geological conditions have proved to be more challenging than predicted in the tender documents, thus confirming the results of the further exploration measures carried out at the beginning of the execution phase. Our experts at BERNARD Gruppe are providing not only the general planning but also comprehensive consultancy throughout the entire project, which are all part of our core service portfolio.

Markus Türtscher, BERNARD Gruppe

Photo: ©Navayuga Engineering Company Limited