The BERNARD Gruppe is preparing a transport planning concept in the framework of the controlled urban development of the Neustadt-Neuschönefeld and Volkmarsdorf districts in Leipzig.

In order to further promote integrated and sustainable urban development as well as urban resilience, a so-called “superblock” will be created in the Leipzig districts of Neustadt-Neuschönefeld and Volkmarsdorf. A superblock is an urban area comprising an inner traffic-calmed surface surrounded by large-scale interrelated blocks. In a superblocks concept, motorized through traffic is directed to the main thoroughfare. Areas for residents must be created inside the neighborhoods.

The first section of the future superblock was opened in Hildegardstraße as a pilot project for a period of one year. A modal filter will be used in the future to direct through traffic out of the area onto the main roads. New spaces have been created on Hildegardstraße for residents to play, meet and linger.

The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned to develop the transport planning bases for a coherent overall concept for the districts.

Philipp Merholz, BERNARD Gruppe