Traffic volumes and associated nuisances have risen sharply. In addition, there is an increased need for new and diverse mobility options, and the requirements for climate- and city-friendly mobility are becoming more and more complex. This is why the city of Kaufbeuren has asked the BERNARD Gruppe to develop an integrated mobility concept.

In the traffic study, the requirements of local mobility (cycling and walking) and local public transport should be taken into account, as well as the demands of motorized individual traffic (moving and stationary traffic). In addition, new forms of mobility (sharing systems, mobility stations, e-mobility) will be included to create the framework conditions for an overall mobility that is efficient and sustainable, as well as environmentally friendly, equally accessible, and fair.

Essential prerequisites for efficient cooperation with the project participants and for subsequent implementation are a clearly structured planning process and a high degree of transparency when carrying out the services. Therefore, the project is essentially structured according to the following successive steps: First, a comprehensive inventory with an analysis of strong and weak points will be carried out. Subsequently, key traffic objectives will be defined and, based on these, suitable measures will be developed and evaluated, and a target and implementation concept will be drawn up. The entire process will be accompanied by ongoing participation of the institutional and general public. This will assure broad acceptance and good traceability of the planning results.

Area-wide traffic counts in the city area and an online mobility survey will be carried out in Q1 2023.

Robert Wenzel, BERNARD Gruppe