The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned to develop a system for the protection of elephants and train passengers in Bangladesh. The first tests were started at the zoo in Karlsruhe. The project involves the development of an early warning system to prevent collisions between elephants and trains along a new railway line.

In 2020, the BERNARD Gruppe, based in Hall in Tyrol and Munich, was awarded the contract to prevent collisions between trains and elephants along a railway line in Bangladesh. In the course of the project, numerous preliminary studies and tests of optical, thermal, acoustic and seismic equipment have to be carried out – with the aim of checking out the optimum system of cameras and sensors for monitoring the train line in Bangladesh.

Due to travel restrictions in the wake of the Covid pandemic, large-scale on-site testing was not possible. So the project team, led by Dr. Stefan Schwarz, Managing Director of Bernard Technologies, had to improvise. The test was therefore carried out at Karlsruhe Zoo with the two female elephants Jenny and Nanda.

The basic functionality tests went very well. The BERNARD Gruppe is confident that it will soon be able to further refine the data on site in Bangladesh and would like to thank the Karlsruhe Zoo for making these tests possible.

Stefan Schwarz, BERNARD Gruppe