The BERNARD Gruppe is developing an infrastructure-based sensor technology detecting road users that meets the requirements of the forward-looking Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) standards.

As part of the “Cooperative Traffic Monitoring” project, the AI-based BERNARD Mobility Analyser was expanded to include the location-resolving detection of moving objects and the option of sending C-ITS-compliant messages with virtually no latency. In addition to information on the type of road user detected, the continuously generated messages also contain information on the current speed and the distance of the object to the nearest intersection.

The BERNARD Mobility Analyser detects vulnerable road users at blind intersections and sends collision warnings via WLAN with virtually no latency. The use of C-ITS standards guarantees the manufacturer-independent transmission of these warnings to all road users integrated into the CIT system. The solution therefore helps to prevent accidents, particularly in areas with poor visibility.

Felix Laimer, BERNARD Gruppe