In the Mühlviertel region, it is planned to extend and upgrade the last section of the B310 federal road to the S10 expressway. The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned to prepare several expert opinions for the environmental impact assessment.

The extension of the B310 to the S10 is part of a long-term infrastructure program for Austria’s priority road network. In accordance with the project objective, it must be ensured that the planned expressway can cope with existing traffic volumes, guarantee the protection of local residents and the environment, and that it is an economic and thus feasible option.

On the one hand, the impacts on spatial planning, landscape as well as natural and cultural heritage will be examined; on the other hand, the expert opinions will deal with the consequences of alternative road alignments for soil functions such as susceptibility to compaction, risk of erosion, and consumption of unsealed area.

Lucas Dittrich, BERNARD Gruppe