The BERNARD Group is conducting a traffic study for the partial or full closure of the two roads Sedanstraße and Söflinger Straße in Ulm.

Due to construction measures, road closures have to be set up in the city of Ulm: the Söflinger Straße will be fully closed between Moltkestraße and Königstraße. During the closure, the Sedanstraße can only be used as a one-way road from west to east.

The BERNARD Gruppe was asked to conduct a study to assess the traffic shifts due to the road closure and temporary one-way road. The traffic model of the cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm will be available for the test. The measures will be included in the model and the traffic impacts will be calculated for the planning scenario. The resulting traffic shifts will be presented by analyzing increases and decreases in the surrounding road network. Additional measures may be considered in the event of serious traffic shifts.

Claudia Zimmermann, BERNARD Gruppe
Foto: © iStock