The BERNARD Gruppe looks back on a successful year with numerous project highlights. We would like to thank for the trust placed in us and wish all customers, partners and employees a happy and prosperous New Year 2023!

The BERNARD Gruppe was able to win exciting projects from a wide range of engineering fields in 2022. You can find an excerpt of the highlights here:

The SüdOstLink project will transport electricity in underground cables from the north and east of Germany to the south via a high-voltage direct current transmission grid. Electricity generated in excess must be balanced out in order to ensure a consistent and secure supply of electricity. Commissioned by the network operator 50 Hertz, the BERNARD Gruppe in a joint venture is responsible for site management, site supervision, document management and planning management of the construction site management, among other things.

One renewable energy project is the Tauernbach-Gruben hydropower plant. The BERNARD Gruppe is responsible for preparing the civil engineering design of the power plant on the Tauernbach in East Tyrol. With an annual work capacity of 85 GWh, the power plant will generate renewable electricity for around 25,000 households.

Furthermore, the BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with consulting services as well as vibration measurements within the scope of the innovative grid booster pilot plant in Kupferzell in Baden-Württemberg. The planned grid booster plant is intended to ensure greater grid security and stability of the grid. By using grid boosters, transmission networks can be utilised to a greater extent. This is made possible by feeding in power behind a bottleneck of an overloaded line in the shortest possible time in the event of a fault.

The BERNARD Gruppe is also involved in the pioneering H2 generation plant in Vienna Simmering. Wien Energie is building the first hydrogen generation plant in eastern Austria on the campus of Wiener Netze. One of the plans is to feed green hydrogen into the gas grid. In addition, there will be refuelling facilities for Wiener Linien buses and trucks from 2023. In consortium with Haas Engineering, the BERNARD Gruppe is responsible for the process engineering planning, approvals and technical construction supervision up to commissioning.

The BERNARD Gruppe is working on green-wave system for emergency vehicles and automated driving as part of the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project. The aim of this project family is to find innovative solutions for the road traffic of the future. The team of BERNARD Gruppe is working on the project Gaia-X 4 Advanced Mobility Services. It is responsible for collecting anonymised traffic data using the BERNARD Mobility Analyser developed in-house. The data is subsequently stored in the Gaia-X ecosystem. It is important to ensure security and trustworthiness while taking into account European values of trust and privacy.

In consortium with Salzmann Ingenieure the BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with studies for new ropeway in India. The applications and framework conditions of the eleven planned ropeway locations could not be more different. From sport leisure activities, adventure tourism and pilgrimage sites to enormous traffic volumes in the centre of a town.

Another contract awarded by the BERNARD Gruppe was the renewal of railway overpasses on behalf of DB Netz AG. A grade separation structure in Zuffenhausen as well as the Schlossweg railway overpass in Hof were rebuilt due to their condition while maintaining rail traffic. The BERNARD Gruppe was responsible for the structural analysis and design of the replacement structure as well as for the design of the planning of the railway route.

Expertise in structural analyses and design was in demand on the A7 Mühlkreis motorway. In consortium with Schimetta Consult Zivitechniker GmbH, the BERNARD Gruppe was entrusted with the tender and detailed planning for the repair of roads and bridges. This includes the renewal of the superstructure, the construction of new restraint systems, the renovation of noise barriers and the repair of several bridges.

The eastern ring road (Mülheim South) in Cologne – Deutz, Kalk and Mülheim will significantly relieve the existing road network in Deutz and Kalk. Rat-run traffic is to be avoided and HGVs are to be guided onto the motorway ring. A generous bicycle infrastructure will also be taken into account in the planning. As general planner, the BERNARD Gruppe is responsible for the object planning of traffic facilities, including sewer construction and other engineering structures, the structural planning and the accompanying landscape conservation planning.

The BERNARD Gruppe is carrying out an integrated traffic concept for district-related local mobility with citizen participation for the city of Frankfurt am Main. For this purpose, inventories were taken of the route network for pedestrians and cyclists as well as of local public transport, the road network and space. Surveys on mobility behaviour had to be prepared, carried out and evaluated, and an overall concept for traffic improvement and a citizen participation concept had to be developed.

The Tram Westtangente (TWT) is the name of the approximately 8 km long new tram line that connects Munich’s west from north to south. The client, Stadtwerke München, commissioned the BERNARD Gruppe with the planning of construction phases and traffic routing during construction, as well as with the project planning of the temporary traffic engineering.

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