The BERNARD Gruppe is carrying out the monitoring of wildlife and landscape ecological measures and analyzing the success of the prescribed compensatory measures.

The A5 Nord Autobahn on the Austrian side and the D52 expressway on the Czech side will be the future main transport routes between Vienna and Brno. The new construction of the A5 will relieve the B7 federal highway, which is overloaded in many areas, and increase traffic safety.

In the course of the realization of the A5, besides the design of wildlife crossings (wildlife bridges and underpasses), ecological compensation areas have been implemented along and near the route. The BERNARD Gruppe is investigating the acceptance of wildlife crossings and small animal passages as well as the functionality of wildlife protection fences and guiding elements for amphibians at the Drasenhofen bypass. The task also comprises conducting an analysis of the vegetation development of the compensation areas and assessing how implemented water restoration measures have been adopted.

Nicole Penke, BERNARD Gruppe