The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the local site supervision of the repair work on the A12 Inntal motorway in the area between the exits Wörgl Ost and Wörgl West (km 16.50 – 18.75).

In the course of the rehabilitation measures, the roadway structure is being renewed in the period from April to September 2022. The rehabilitation is carried out in sections using various construction methods (deep paving, partial deep paving, and high paving). In this section, the existing roadway has a concrete surface (approx. 25 cm) and an asphalt surface layer.

High paving comprises only the removal of the existing asphalt and the subsequent rehabilitation of the entire asphalt structure whereas in the case of deep paving, the existing pavement structure is removed in its entirety (asphalt and concrete) and rebuilt. The third variant, the partial deep paving method, is a special solution. This method comprises both the removal of the asphalt surface in its entire thickness, and the partial milling of the concrete surface. In order to prevent strain or restraint stress in the remaining concrete structure and its transfer to the new asphalt structure, the remaining concrete component will be stress-relieved using special equipment.

Furthermore, the surface drainage system will be renewed and adapted in the course of the repair work. The vehicle restraint system is also being renewed over long stretches.

In the course of the rehabilitation measures, 10 bridge support structures will also be repaired to various extents. The bridge repair includes concrete repair on abutments and piers, as well as the removal and replacement of edge beams, bridge railings, drains, water pipes, and road expansion joints.

The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the preparation of tender documents, bid evaluation and local site supervision.

Lisa Volderauer, BERNARD Gruppe