The BERNARD Gruppe has achieved level 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) certification for design, consulting and management of engineering services.

The health and safety of our employees and partners is of great importance to the BERNARD Gruppe. To avoid accidents and work-related health risks, proactive and preventive measures have been implemented. The Safety Culture Ladder promotes health and safety awareness, safe working practices and an associated open communication culture within the company. Its aim is to reduce unsafe situations and prevent accidents and near misses. SCL is a certification standard issued by the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN) and is a process for measuring safety awareness and encouraging safe work practices and behavior. In the process, the issue of safety is embedded as a culture within the company.

All employees of the BERNARD Gruppe see themselves as safe engineers you can trust. That’s why our employees regularly inspect their working environment for potential risks to ensure safe working conditions.

Marc Gillmer, BERNARD Gruppe