In a consortium together with Baldauf Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Stuttgart, and König Partner Landschaftsarchitekten, Altbach, the BERNARD Gruppe won the first prize in the workshop bidding procedure for the redesign of Meersburger Straße and Zeppelinstraße in Friedrichshafen-Fischbach.

With the commissioning of the new federal highway B 31 and the resulting significant reduction of traffic volumes on the Fischbach through-route, there are many new opportunities for the redesign and urban development of street space. The result of the bidding procedure is an open space and urban design draft for the redesign, in which, on the one hand the concerns of all road and transport users and, on the other hand the structural development of the urban center with significantly improved open space amenities have been taken into account.

With the participation of the citizens, their ideas, wishes and suggestions could be incorporated into the procedures. The final design developed on the basis of the procedures was awarded 1st prize by the expert panel on 30 June 2021.

The winning design will be presented to the local council and the public forum Fischbacher Runde.

Robert Wenzel, BERNARD Gruppe