The Waldsiedlung village in Kleinkötz, which is part of the municipality of Kötz in the district of Günzburg, is greatly affected by the traffic on the through road B16. A bypass is currently being planned, which will bypass not only Kötz but also Ichenhausen in the east. The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the municipality of Kötz to carry out an extensive analysis of the current traffic situation and to develop and evaluate proposals for measures.

Until the realization of the bypass of the B16, traffic and noise pollution will continue to exist. An interim solution is being examined that can relieve the residents along the axis. The GZ5 district road, which runs through Kleinkötz and Großkötz, is also much used by heavy traffic (also at night) and must be taken into account. In addition, the entrances to the town, various junctions and traffic control measures, as well as stationary, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in some areas need to be considered. Finally, the introduction of 30 km/h zones in the municipal area must be examined.

For the analysis, the BERNARD Gruppe uses data that it has already collected in the past. Furthermore, an electronic traffic count and a noise calculation are being carried out. In the course of it, a three-dimensional, spatial noise calculation model is created. As a result of the traffic studies,
a concept of measures will be provided to the municipality of Kötz.

Claudia Zimmermann, BERNARD Gruppe