In terms of the traffic turnaround towards sustainable mobility, bicycle traffic plays a decisive role. As a climate-friendly, city-compatible means of transport, the bicycle offers great opportunities for the City of Munich. The use of bicycles depends not only on a safe and attractive cycling infrastructure in the network, but also on the parking situation at the source and destination. In the future, an increasing demand for parking spaces for bicycle traffic can be assumed.

Against this background, the BERNARD Gruppe presented an expert report in December 2020, which forms a strategic planning and decision-making aid for the improvement of the bicycle parking situation in and at the edge of inner-city pedestrian zones as well as for the usability of existing underground and elevated car parks in Munich. Based on a spatial and traffic analysis, a survey of parked bicycles in the study area was conducted using a specially programmed app. As a result, the study provides the need for bicycle parking spaces in terms of supply planning as well as a realization concept for the targeted improvement of bicycle parking in public spaces. The expert opinion prepared by the BERNARD Gruppe offers a systematic and sustainable concept for stationary bicycle traffic, in an area with high competition for space between the individual uses and thus forms a framework planning for stationary bicycle traffic in the center of the state capital Munich.

Julia Domko, BERNARD Gruppe