The city council of Füssen has given the green light for the traffic study “Feasibility Stadttunnel Füssen” To this end, the BERNARD Gruppe will examine all construction and traffic aspects in order to discuss a possible tunneling under the city of Füssen and its effects.

The aim of the feasibility study is to determine the effects of a tunnel on traffic, in particular with regard to the fact that five intersections and conflict points would be eliminated on the route sections concerned. A further aim is to assess how the tunnel construction measures can be realized and at what cost. The final goal is a solution which uses available space efficiently and which ensures that traffic can flow smoothly as well as that pedestrians, cyclists, buses or people unfamiliar with the area do not have to stop constantly.

For this purpose, the entire inner city area will be examined to analyze the location of the tunnel portals and their construction. In addition to a cost-benefit analysis, possible tunnel variants and their required technical equipment (ventilation, drainage) are also determined, taking into account the circumstances (available areas, subsoil, hydrology).

In order to be able to show the effects on traffic flow before construction measures start, the BERNARD Gruppe carries out a traffic flow simulation by considering the suggested locations of tunnel portals, tunnel closures, block clearances as well as events on the motorway.

Torsten Heine-Nims, BERNARD Gruppe
(Photo: Höfer)