The so-called BERNARD Mobility Analyser, a self-developed intelligent sensor technology, measures the occupancy rate at the weekly market in St. Johann in Tyrol in order to regulate the flow of visitors.

In this pilot project, the cameras for the test operation of the load measurement were installed on a mast in the town center. Considering the COVID-19 distance rule (2 m), the maximum number of visitors for the available space is 300. The BERNARD Mobility Analyser (BMA) measures the visitor frequency in-stantly and the color on the traffic light changes according to the measured value.

Especially in this day and age, the BMA offers a decision-making aid as to whether and when visitors can visit the weekly market. Via a QR code or link, visitors can already check the occupancy rate from home. No image material is stored or transmitted during the utilization measurement. The cameras im-mediately convert the images into data.

The knowledge gained from the measurement can also be used for future events.

Sebastian Zettinig, BERNARD Gruppe