The high traffic road Neuffener Straße in Nürtingen is to be relieved in order to comply with noise regulations and to make bicycle traffic safer. For this purpose, the BERNARD Gruppe examined alternative measures and developed a 3-step implementation concept.

Due to its location between an industrial and a residential area, there are numerous points of conflict along Neuffener Straße. On the one hand, the road serves to connect the companies, and on the other hand, the noise limits must be kept to protect the residents. The bicycle traffic to the schools located in the south must also be taken into account. Furthermore, there is a southern bypass for through traffic, but it is underused.

The study of the BERNARD Gruppe comprised an analysis of traffic flows for the various traffic modes. In a second step, different variants for the implementation of the objectives were developed and compared. They included a one-way street, which had been discussed by the city before, but which was rejected as it would have worsened the traffic situation.

In the preferred variant, the southern bypass will be upgraded with better signage and adjustments to the traffic signals. In addition, an existing route along the Steinach river will be equipped with a separate bike lane for less experienced cyclists, while advanced cyclists can remain on Neuffener Straße. For this purpose, the necessary measures were divided into a 3-step implementation concept in order to gradually improve the situation on Neuffener Straße.

Patrick Ginal, BERNARD Gruppe