Covestro AG, a former unit of the German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer, has established the company’s headquarters in the CHEMPARK in Leverkusen. The BERNARD Gruppe led the preliminary investigation and has been involved in the design process from the very beginning

In addition to a traffic study, the BERNARD Gruppe also prepared the design of the transport infrastructure and parts of the outdoor facilities. The office and administration building on the outer boundary of the site has to meet special requirements in terms of protecting the CHEMPARK. It must be ensured that, within the building, authorized persons are granted safe access and unauthorized persons are denied access. The BERNARD Gruppe has designed the driveway in front of the building in such a way that even high-ranking visitors and VIPs can be driven up right to the entrance. The infrastructure facilities were handed over to the city and the developer in early December 2020 as part of the contracted construction management and traffic was released.

Matthias Hermann, BERNARD Gruppe