In order to understand the measures taken to avoid the diesel driving ban in Mainz, the BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned to collect and analyse traffic data.

The BERNARD Moblity Analyser in combination with air quality sensors provides a database to correlate the relation between air pollutants and traffic. The BERNARD Mobility Analyser provides information on traffic volume and traffic flow. Supported by artificial intelligence, the data is collected in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR) and will in future be transmitted via the municipal utility’s own LoraWan network. After that the data gained from the installed air quality sensors and the BERNARD Mobility Analyser will then be combined with weather data and continuously evaluated. “This is the basis for the targeted elaboration of further measures to permanently avoid a comprehensive ban on diesel driving in Mainz. This is where the project of the Mainzer Stadtwerke AG comes in”, outlines Katrin Eder, head of the Department of Transport and Environment.

Stefan Schwarz, BERNARD Gruppe