The sustainable improvement of the existing traffic condition in heavily congested urban road system can be achieved by proper traffic-regulating measures. In Wangen, the goal is the application and implementation of intelligent solutions for all traffic users in order to improve the quality of urban life.
Based on persistent problems regarding the traffic management, BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the city of Wangen (Allgäu) in order to optimize the traffic signal control system at necessary intersections in the city area. Within the scope of a traffic-engineering investigation, the potential actions should be developed. The implementation of the recommended solutions should result in a continuity of the traffic flow, through which noise and air pollution should also be reduced. Along with the optimization of the traffic signal control system, the set of measures also comprises the connectivity of traffic signal infrastructures with a traffic computer for strategic control interventions such as the integration of bicycle traffic, guidance for blind pedestrians and bus prioritization. Subsequently, the creation of a holistic planning service as well as the realization and structural implementation of the individual measure is planned.
Torsten Heine-Nims, BERNARD Gruppe