Half a year earlier than originally planned, the Terfen Inn Bridge along the A12 Inn Valley Motorway, which is around 235 meters long, was reopened to traffic. In this project, the BERNARD Gruppe was responsible for supervising the prestressing work.

Construction work began in November 2017 with the construction of a temporary bridge. This allowed two lanes in each direction of travel to be maintained during the entire construction work. The necessary bridge pillars were erected on dedicated peninsulas. In March 2020 the construction site had to be shut down for half a month due to the first corona lock-down. However, this did not cause any major delays. As late as July 2020, however, it was still expected to be completed in spring 2021, as originally planned. Despite this forecast, construction work on the roadway was completed earlier than planned.

In the coming weeks, completion measures will still be carried out in the Inn area. However, these measures will not affect traffic on the Inn Valley freeway.

Christian Wollinger, BERNARD Gruppe