The provincial government of Tyrol is planning a new infrastructure center in Innsbruck. As a first step, a new maintenance center including a filling station, car wash and administrative facilities will be built in the Valiergasse. Ground was broken recently for the construction works. The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with the structural analysis and geotechnical services (building site investigation, geotechnical design of the excavation pit, planning of groundwater control during construction).

The planned underground car park will extend down to a depth of approx. 4 m into the Inn gravel. Individual components such as lift underpasses or technical rooms have to be founded even deeper and thus located at groundwater level. This poses particular challenges from a geotechnical perspective. For the deeper lying structural elements, the design of a watertight shoring and a groundwater control system was necessary.

A further challenge is the protection of the existing maintenance center, which directly adjoins the excavation pit for the new building. Since both the operation of and the access to the maintenance centers must be sustained, it was impossible to realize the excavation pit in this area with slopes. The existing buildings were protected by specially designed underpinning measures. In the access road area, the excavation pit was stabilized with shotcrete.

Benjamin Wieser, BERNARD Gruppe