Large-scale reconstruction of the Leipziger Dreieck in Potsdam in several construction phases: New tramway turning loop at Potsdam’s main railway station eases traffic flow and shortens walking distances for transfer traffic.

The first of three construction phases at Leipziger Dreieck was completed at the beginning of April 2022. As a result, the tramways can use the new shortened turning loop through Fr. Engels-Strasse and thus run on schedule.

The BERNARD Gruppe designed the signal and control technology for 3 neighboring traffic lights on behalf of the Potsdam city administration. The design was prepared both for the temporary traffic guidance measures during the construction phases and for the final state of this road section.

To avoid slanting collisions, a wired message transmission between the tramway switch control traffic light control system is required. Further data links between the traffic lights serve both to guarantee a coordinated tramway turning procedure and a coordinated bicycle and public transport priority system.

As engineers at the BERNARD Gruppe, we are pleased to have been entrusted with such an extensive design contract once again, after having provided our services for the new construction of the city’s central bus station in 2001.

Jörg Stowasser, BERNARD Gruppe