After the events of the summer 2021, multiple reconstruction measures are required. In addition to restoring the infrastructure in line with as-built conditions, improvements regarding traffic control in the inner city and the transport access of urban districts must be considered and qualitatively evaluated. As part of the reconstruction, both transport infrastructure and urban amenities must be guaranteed, especially in the inner-city area.

The quality of the urban amenities must be maintained, improved or even newly created at the conflict points and road sections that are included in the project area. Appropriate solutions, which not only take into account motor vehicle traffic, but also bicycle and pedestrian traffic, are being developed and presented as sketches or as cross-section drawings for the respective road sections. This involves, among other things, the allocation of necessary areas for motor vehicle traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as for stationary traffic. The developed solutions will then be qualitatively evaluated with regard to their traffic impact, and advantages and disadvantages, as well as interactions and effects on traffic control, accessibility and urban amenities will be analyzed.

The BERNARD Gruppe is very pleased to support the city of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in this challenging task and thus contribute to the reconstruction. The developed concept will be coordinated with the Aufbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler mbH (AuEG) and the city of Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. Subsequently, the city and its committees will decide on the implementation of the project.

Torsten Heine-Nims, BERNARD Gruppe