The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the city of Laupheim to develop an overall integrated mobility concept to sustainably reduce motorized traffic in the inner city, to make cycling and walking more attractive and safer, and to promote public transport and electromobility.

As the household survey shows, today 60 % of all journeys are made by private motor vehicle. Especially central inner-city roads are currently dominated by motor vehicle traffic, limiting mobility options for pedestrians and cyclists and reducing the attractiveness of the city center.

The BERNARD Gruppe has developed a number of measures to relieve traffic congestion and reduce pollution. These include moderate extensions of the transport network, measures to implement a traffic control and parking guidance system, redesign solutions, as well as comprehensive solutions to improve the cycling infrastructure. The first measures are already being implemented. A citizens’ workshop has just been held for the participation of the public.

Robert Wenzel, BERNARD Gruppe
(Photo Copyright: City of Laupheim)