The oil and gas company OMV operates a refinery with ancillary facilities on its Burghausen site. For the OMV, the expansion of the existing classification yard marks a further step in its strategic orientation towards petrochemicals. The sustainable maintenance of the company’s location in Burghausen with an expanded product portfolio requires efficient shipping and logistics capacities. As a result, the lengths of the already existing sidings need to be extended, comprising the upgrade of the existing transfer and staging yard to the west.

The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with final design, execution design and local site supervision. In order to get freight off the roads and onto the railways, the aim is an upgrade to 7 tracks with a usable length of approx. 2,800 m, as well as the extension of the associated ancillary facilities, which includes a survey and relocation of buried utilities.

In the north, the refinery is connected to the existing track system, and in the south it is integrated into the existing track from the Burghausen combined transport terminal, where the tracks are also connected to the public rail network. This extension will facilitate the handling of freight and reduce the number of shunting trips in the public combined railway station. In total, up to 10,000 truck journeys per year will be replaced in the future.

The progress of the project can be followed live

Christian Pupp,BERNARD Gruppe