The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned, as part of a consortium, with environmental and engineering services for the planning and construction of an underground cable along the planned SuedLink route in Lower Saxony and Hesse.

For carrying out this task, precise knowledge of the subsurface is required. The geological experts of the BERNARD Gruppe will be responsible for the technical supervision of the on-site soil investigation for the planned line sections in Lower Saxony and Hesse.

The numerous trenchless cable installations underneath rivers, nature reserves or mountain ridges along the SuedLink route will be realized by using HDD (horizontal directional drilling), for which a detailed subsurface exploration is required. For this purpose, core drillings up to a depth of 100 m will be carried out in the course of the site investigation.

The main tasks of our geologists are the coordination of drilling works, geological inventory of the cores obtained, and the sampling to determine the soil mechanical and chemical properties of the subsurface.

Benjamin Wieser, BERNARD Gruppe