The BERNARD Gruppe was asked to upgrade the control software of eight traffic lights to the Yunex Traffic sX control unit system.

The aim is to transform the existing control unit system to leading-edge technology. In addition, obsolete control units for which spare parts are no longer available will be replaced piece by piece.

The basis for the system upgrade is the information about the currently used system version transmitted by the client. In addition to the development of the traffic signal control system, the services also include small adjustments of system parameters and, if necessary, of logic parameters. The services, including documentation, will be provided for all signal programs. The control software will be designed in PDM-C according to the practice used in Erlangen and will be developed and delivered in Traffic Language (TL). The software’s mode of operation will be checked in a simulation model and tested for accuracy.

Dustin Ament, BERNARD Gruppe
Photo: © Yunex GmbH