Our Company Policy

BERNARD Group is an owner-managed, medium-sized engineering consultancy with high competence and service quality, which - by adhering to core values of integrity - has successfully established itself on the European and international markets.

We treat each other and everyone as equals, regardless of age, sex, religion or nationality. If we have used the unspecific pronoun ‘we’ or the male form in this statement, we have only done so for readability reasons.

Our company policy reflects what is most important for us and represents our orientation, which is further substantiated in our mission statement..

Our philosophy

From project conception to completion, we attach great importance to the consistently high quality and sustainability, as well as to the health and safety of our staff. By acting professionally, competently and fairly we achieve the greatest possible benefit for our clients. For this purpose, we must work together in a cooperative spirit, which is constantly challenged and nurtured and thus defines our scope of action.

We provide all consulting, design, control and monitoring services in the Energy, Industry, Infrastructure and Transport Business Units by using the latest state-of-the-art engineering technologies.

Our management sees it as an essential task to promote the quality, safety, health and environmental awareness of employees as well as process-orientated and risk-sensitive thinking.

Managers and employees alike are responsible for ensuring that our daily activities are characterized by ethical and responsible behavior. In this way, we are able to satisfy our clients and secure our company success.

We ensure the growth of our business by providing our clients with the best possible solutions, and by moving into new areas that build on our expertise and consider the interests of all parties concerned.

Our daily activities are characterized by our guiding principle "Best solutions inspire" and by striving to provide top-quality engineering services at all our locations every day. We achieve these goals through a consistent and high service quality and our interdisciplinary cooperation within the BERNARD Group.

The transparency of our actions and the clear focus on which we base our actions allow us that we can work together in an optimal manner with our clients and partners to achieve the best possible project realization.

Focusing on quality

Our pursuit of quality and our quality awareness lead to a consistent, stable and reliable performance. That is a prerequisite for the satisfaction of our clients and many long-term partnerships emerging from it.

The foundation of this success is laid by our employees and the defined range of our actions, which is governed by laws, official regulations and other relevant regulations and standards, such as the ISO 9001. Within this range and based on our clients’ requirements, we have defined our processes and review them on an ongoing basis, internally but also through external, independent bodies.
In doing so, we act out of an attitude of mind that is set out in our mission statement and to which we have committed ourselves.

All our processes are subject to constant evaluation to ensure their improvement and further development. This guarantees the market conformity, quality and stability of existing processes. Should it be necessary, measures will be taken immediately as part of this continuous improvement process. Our goal is to enhance the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer, to identify new challenges at an early stage and to solve them in a reliable manner.

Our commitment, our ideas and our knowledge are essential components of our development and secure our future. Therefore, we have created a platform which takes into account the motivation, the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and the lively exchange of our workforce, and which represents a pillar of modern knowledge management - BERNARD Campus.

When providing our services, our clients do not only benefit from our engineering skills, but also from the business know-how of our employees. Our project managers and executives always pay attention to the balance of these two factors and always communicate in good time with all parties involved in order to jointly implement the best possible solutions.

Taking these agendas seriously is a matter of course for us, and it is an important pillar of modern corporate governance. They are an integral part of our success.

Focus: health and safety at the workplace, protection of the environment (HSE)

Sustainable management is a social responsibility that we also take when providing our services. It goes without saying that when doing so we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as other relevant regulations and standards.

Most of our work is in the office, which means that there is little need for action in the areas of occupational health and safety, and environmental protection. Nevertheless, the health and safety of our employees and all other parties involved is of particular importance to us and takes precedence over mere commercial success. At each of our locations and also during field work missions and on construction sites, we place importance to conditions that take into account health, safety, and environmental protection.

We lay special emphasis on the avoidance of accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards, and we try to implement proactive and preventive accents. The coordination of these measures is organized, in consultation with our management, by a health committee, which is supported by external experts (e.g. occupational physicians).

There are sufficient preventive forces at all locations. Necessary training measures for knowledge transfer and employee awareness are organized via our education platform, the BERNARD Campus.

Every employee contributes to the identification and elimination of sources of error, and the systems of quality management and the HSE philosophy are intermeshed in such a way that a uniform process of continuous improvement is created.

For us, it is a matter of course that this thinking and acting does not end at our corporate borders. Within the scope of our capabilities, we also try to increase the people's awareness of this issue and to abate threats to humans and the environment.

We keep the burden on health, safety, and environment that is created by our daily business activities as low as possible. As an example, we support employees who come to their workplace by public transport, and we promote the use of low CO2 company cars.

We have voluntarily decided to implement our HSE policy, through which, when providing services to our clients, we create a sustainable value and a lasting contribution to the success of our projects. The result is a culture in which - while ensuring the necessary corporate success - we live up to our commitment to health, safety, and environmental protection in our daily business lives.

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