The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by Gas Connect Austria with the design for the “WAG Loop 1 project”. The West Austria Gas Pipeline (WAG) is one of the most important long-distance gas pipelines in Austria. The expansion of the WAG in the west-east direction is of great importance for securing the long-term energy supply in Austria and south-eastern Europe.

The aim is to improve access to gas sources from north-western Europe, e.g. Norway, and to liquefied natural gas which is being supplied along the coast in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. This will create an alternative to gas supplies from the east. It will also open up prospects for a CO2-neutral future, as the pipeline will also be suitable for transporting climate-friendly hydrogen.

As part of the “WAG Loop 1 project”, the section between Oberkappel and Bad Leonfelden is being extended by a 40 km parallel line. The first steps in 2023 included carrying out the feasibility study and finding the optimal route, as well as identifying protection zones along the route. The project is currently scheduled for completion by mid-2027.

The BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the feasibility study, basic engineering, right of way planning, permit application design including the preparation of the environmental impact statement and assessment, as well as the tender design for the main components of the construction work.

Martin Tomaselli, BERNARD Gruppe