The public transport network in Munich is strongly oriented towards the city center. Efficient tangential connections are rare. The expansion of the streetcar network is intended to close major gaps. The largest new construction project is the 8 km long streetcar west tangent. The BERNARD Gruppe is planning and coordinating the traffic control during construction and is responsible for the traffic engineering design of the traffic lights on the route.


The streetcar west tangent runs from its southern terminus at the Aidenbachstrasse subway station via Fürstenrieder Strasse to Romanplatz in Nymphenburg. In the west of Munich, this will create an attractive cross connection linking three subway lines, five streetcar lines and the core S-Bahn route. Detours via the city center will become obsolete and the strained subway and commuter rail network will be relieved.

Once part of a ring road system, the spacious Fürstenrieder Strasse will in future accommodate most of the streetcar route on a grass track in a central position. The densely populated surrounding area will benefit both from new public transport connections and from urban development upgrades.

The planning of the temporary traffic control includes the definition of the construction phases, the traffic sign plans based on these phases, as well as construction supervision. In addition, the BERNARD Gruppe is responsible for the traffic engineering design for 15 traffic lights in the construction area and for up to ten more for the handling of diversion traffic. By working together with the other specialists within the BERNARD Gruppe, we will provide both the conceptual design of the traffic control and the implementation of the control technology at the intersections. In this way, planning interfaces can be reduced. The synergies will benefit not only the project participants, but above all the road users and residents.

Numerous interfaces with other construction firms’ measures and projects pose particular challenges, which must be coordinated by using an integrated planning concept for construction scheduling and traffic routing. Third-party projects to be integrated are the renewal of a 5.5 km long main water pipeline, the construction of the Deutsche Bahn’s underpass for ecomobility “UVR” in Laim, the new construction of bridges on the A95 and A96 motorways, the renewal and expansion of a P&R facility, and the realignment of several pedestrian underpasses and subway access points. All construction activities will be handled efficiently to meet the schedule. The opening of the first section of the streetcar west tangent is planned for 2025.

Marcus Neumann, BERNARD Gruppe

Photo: © Münchener Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (MVG)