The BERNARD Gruppe is developing an automatic traffic light system for pedestrian, bicycle and public bus traffic for the city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. The innovative traffic light control system not only responds to stopping or crossing requests but also to prevailing weather conditions.As part of a planned renewal of several traffic lights in the city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, the BERNARD Gruppe has been commissioned with the complete reprogramming of the vehicle-actuated traffic light control system, as well as with project organization and preparation.
Pedestrians and cyclists intending to cross are automatically detected via an intelligent system. The traffic light turns green – without the need to press the pedestrian button to cross. The traffic light control also takes into account prevailing weather conditions. For example, it changes more quickly to the green phase for pedestrian and bicycle traffic when it rains, regardless of the volume of vehicular traffic. To additionally increase the traffic safety of vulnerable traffic participants – such as school children – the crossing at another pedestrian traffic light is monitored and thus the green phase is extended in case of increased pedestrian traffic.
Besides better comfort for pedestrians and cyclists, the BERNARD Gruppe’s vehicle-actuated traffic light control system also includes a new type of improvement for public bus traffic in Oldenburg: Reprogrammed traffic lights detect early on when a passenger presses the stop request button on the bus. In addition, waiting persons in the bus stop area are recorded. In this way, passing buses can be distinguished from stopping buses. The traffic lights thus “know” about the real readiness of the buses to depart and can react accordingly.
Jörg Stowasser, BERNARD Gruppe