In the course of the extension of the S-Bahn line S11 between Cologne main station and Bergisch Gladbach, the closing times of the level crossing Tannenbergstraße in Bergisch-Gladbach will increase significantly due to the increased frequency of the S-Bahn, operating in future at 5-10 min intervals. Therefore a complete closure of the level crossing might be the result. The consequence would be the loss of Tannenbergstrasse as an innercity north-south connection for all kinds of road users. In addition, the priority route for heavy traffic as defined in the mobility concept of the city of Bergisch Gladbach would be eliminated.

The BERNARD Gruppe is analyzing the impact of the traffic measure on the capacity of the Bergisch Gladbach road network. The necessity to close and remove the Tannenbergstraße level crossing is being evaluated. A closing and removal will be necessary if required to maintain traffic safety or traffic flow, taking into account foreseeable traffic development. If a closure becomes essential, the next step will be to determine whether and which compensatory measures will be necessary in the Bergisch Gladbach road network with regard to the crossing of the railroad. Measures such as the extension of an existing railroad overpass or the construction of a new railroad overpass will be considered and evaluated. A solution will be considered suitable if it meets the criteria of economic viability, legal feasibility and traffic suitability for accommodating the additional traffic.

By working together in interdisciplinary teams, the BERNARD Gruppe is able to provide one-stop integrated solutions: The services comprise conducting comprehensive traffic surveys, modeling relevant planning conditions both macroscopically and microscopically, determining the road network capacity, and evaluating the technical feasibility of the respective solution.

Philipp Hillebrand, BERNARD Gruppe