The BERNARD Gruppe was asked by TenneT TSO GmbH to prepare a soil protection concept and to provide the pedological construction monitoring for the new construction of a 380/110 kV overhead line in the Simbach am Inn area. The line is approx. 13 km long and runs east of Simbach from the German-Austrian border in a northerly direction and then in a wide curve to the Simbach substation. A total of 39 new masts will be erected and 18 existing masts will be dismantled.

Soil protection has become increasingly important in Germany in recent years, and pedological construction monitoring has become an indispensable part of large construction projects. Soil sealing continues to increase every year in both Germany and Austria. This makes it all the more important to protect the remaining soil with its valuable functions for the water, air and nutrient balance and to avoid and minimize harmful soil changes. In this project, the main impact on the soil will be through construction activities. The construction sites are predominantly located on meadows or agricultural land and are accessed by temporary roads, some of which are long. In addition to the fact that soil horizons are mixed up during excavation and backfilling, there is a risk of irreversible compaction due to construction site traffic. The risk of harmful soil changes intensifies in the case of prolonged construction activities and unfavorable weather conditions.

In addition to the surveying of existing soil conditions and the preparation of a soil protection concept prior to construction work, which is expected to start in the fall of 2022, the tasks of the BERNARD Gruppe also include pedological construction monitoring. The expertise of the BERNARD Gruppe ensures that soil interventions are kept as small and gentle as possible.

Benjamin Wieser, BERNARD Gruppe