The B471 highway section between the junctions Fürstenfeldbruck Ost and Geiselbullach will be upgraded to a 4-lane standard. On behalf of the Freising State Building Office, the BERNARD Gruppe is preparing a traffic study for the dimensioning of the ramp base points at the junctions.

The B471 between Fürstenfeldbruck Ost and Geiselbullach connects the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, the town of Olching and the large district town of Dachau with the greater Munich area and serves as an important link to the A8 and A96 motorways.

Currently, this road section is at capacity and with the planned developments in the surrounding area, the problem is expected to get worse. Therefore, the section will be upgraded to a 4-lane standard. By means of traffic surveys and the development of a traffic model, the BERNARD Gruppe is reviewing the capacity on the open road as well as on the ramp base points at the junctions and is developing optimization measures so that also future traffic volumes can be handled efficiently.

Sara Angioni, BERNARD Gruppe