The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the Frankfurt city planning office to prepare a mobility concept for the development of the Sossenheim district as part of the funding project „Sozialer Zusammenhalt Sossenheim“ aimed at promoting social cohesion in the area. The goal is to make short distance trips more comfortable, safer and more attractive.

An essential part of the task is pedestrian and bicycle traffic, for which improved interconnections between residential areas and important public destinations are being worked out. The traffic concept focuses  the safety levels, as well as passenger guidance, efficient pathways and accessibility. For public transport, an accessibility analysis will be used to examine actual route lengths and the quality of the routes. A shuttle bus service (“citizens’ bus”) is also being considered. Finally, Finally, proposals for the redesign of streetscapes and the transportation networks are presented. Throughout the course of the project, the citizens of Sossenheim will be continuously involved and, among other things, asked about their mobility behavior. This will make the process transparent and increase the acceptance of the results among the population.

Dirk Kopperschläger, BERNARD Gruppe