The BERNARD Gruppe held an open public presentation event on 19th of April 2022 at the university of Slemani in the framework of Slemani Transportation Master Plan. The event was attended by the different government officials, academicians, and professionals from the relevant field.

The content of the presentation covered different mobility measures for motorized individual transport, public transport, parking, cycling and non-motorized traffic developed based on a macroscopic transport model which forecast the transportation state for the year 2042. In addition, the microscopic simulation and optimization of traffic flow for 20 critical intersections were also presented as well as ITS technology and infrastructures were also recommended. All of these measures are set to lay the foundation for the Transportation Master Plan to become and effective, efficient and sustainable framework for the future transportation demand management in the Slemani city.

The feedback and input from the audience received in this seminar will be taken into consideration in the final masterplan report. This was one of the final stages in the project before the implementation phase starts. In Kurdistan region this is the first Transportation Master Plan ever developed, and a flagship project for BERNARD Gruppe in the middle-east.

Jost Mazur, BERNARD Gruppe