As part of the research project “5G-trAAfic”, the BERNARD Gruppe is working together with the city of Aalen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany to increase safety for road users. The aim is to investigate the deployment of the 5G mobile communications standard at transport hubs.

With the “5G-trAAffic” project, the smart city of Aalen is focusing on the stronger networking of core traffic issues. The emphasis is placed on the collection and use of real-time traffic data in compliance with data protection regulations. Edge computing is used to collect and process data directly at intersections in order to detect hazardous situations as early as possible and warn of impending collisions. In addition, anonymized data on traffic events is collected and enriched with networked information for the dynamic traffic control at intersections.

Apart from the city of Aalen and the BERNARD Gruppe, the companies T-Systems International GmbH and Zentrum Für Digitale Entwicklung GmbH are involved, as well as researchers from Aalen University, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg. The project “5G-trAAfic” is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (former known as BMVI) as part of the 2.6 million euro-fund to support 5G implementation.

At BERNARD Gruppe, we are pleased to be part of the top-class research consortium in this innovative project and to contribute our expertise.

Stefan Schwarz, BERNARD Gruppe